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No Folly At The Moulin Rouge
Written by Gerald Ghislain, each bottle tells the story of a character, ingredient or historical year. Created from the best raw supplies, these fragrances are created in the longstanding custom of French perfumery.
Histoires de Parfums 1889 honors Moulin Rouge with a vibrant, sensual scent, full of vivacity and elegance, with only a hint of feathers and sequins. At the Moulin Rouge, the Belle Époque is eternal and timeless – the legend is told via the bottle and skim through the scent. Christian arrives in the Elephant hoping to impress Satine together with his musical talent, whereas Satine is prepared to seduce him, under the impression that he's the Duke. Christian's true id is revealed ("Your Song").
Backstage, mirrors mirror silhouettes laughing. The odor of Iris Powder and Lipstick float out to the streets on a cloud of Musk and Patchouli. The memory and scent of this unforgettable evening lingers via the morning. Histoires de Parfums is a library of scent housing 15 volumes of perfume in- cluding males’s, women’s and unisex collections.
what an amazing feat to have bottled this particular time and place in historical past so vividly and actually inside a fragrance. The show ends and the curtain falls, but the party continues.
sneak a peek at this web-site. Gerald formulates perfumes by incorporating basic olfactive families and sudden elements to create unique scents with rich high, center and base notes. The newest tome within the Histoires de Parfums assortment – 1889 – provides tribute to Moulin Rouge, the legendary Parisian cabaret. This famous burlesque theater was brought to life in 1889, and the brand new perfume is a celebration of liberation and passionate, dazzling women.
The Duke interrupts them; Christian and Satine claim they were training strains for a new present, Bohemian Rhapsody. Zidler reminds Satine that her duty is to keep the Duke happy for the sake of the Moulin Rouge. The Duke returns, and he and Satine spend the evening collectively ("Sympathy For The Duke").